Atlas Sound – Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel


Atlas Sound is the musical solo project of Cox (Deerhunter), although he has used the name to represent his music since he was a child. He had access to a cassette player with two tape decks, which he used to layer guitar and drum sounds, and his own voice. In listening to some of these old tapes (of which Cox believes he has over five hundred in storage) he found “Some of it is absolutely, terrifyingly bad, but sometimes I’m just like, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ That’s actually how some Deerhunter songs happened.

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A1. A Ghost Story
A2. Recent Bedroom
A3. River Card A4. Quarantined
A5. On Guard

B1. Winter Vacation
B2. Cold as Ice
B3. Scraping Past B4. Small Horror
B5. Ready Set Glow

C1. Bite Marks
C2. After Class
C3. Ativan
C4. Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel Another Bedroom EP
C5. Another Bedroom

D1. It Rained
D2. Stained Glass Swan
D3. Abandoned Closet
D4. Spring Break
D5. ABC Glasgow

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