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“Please be careful with this heart of mine/It’s only ever loved one time”, Bianca Blanc warns on her baroque pop ballad “This Heart”. It’s a foundation for this young singer-songwriter to explore coming-of-age themes. However, it’s also the small musical touches that make her self-titled debut memorable – an appearance by acclaimed trumpeter Adam Howard on “Painted In Gold”, a sombre piano composition in “Fire” and the pairing of a local glee club with Blanc’s sprightly ukulele playing on “All My Life”. Meanwhile, Blanc’s wry, emotive voice is the icing on top of this effortlessly constructed cake.

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1. Good Vibes
2. Butterflies
3. This Heart
4. Painted In Gold
5. All My Life
6. Just Like Rain
7. Fire
8. Working Day
9. Step Right Up
10. Beautiful Creature
11. Hopeful Skies

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