Cindy Alter – The Essential Collection (Last One Standing)


Cindy Alters ‘The Essential Collection: Last One Standing’ features her brand new single “”Last One Standing”.To date, Alter has sold in excess of 12 million units, thus placing her as one of the country’s biggest selling artists of all time. Alter’s latest ’The Essential Collection – Last One Standing’’ features remastered original recordings of the global chart-topping evergreens ‘Substitute’ and ‘Save Me’, which have become standard fixtures on many seventies compilations and playlists around the world.
An exclusive track ‘’Waiting for The Winds (Woza Moya)’’ from the Zia years will appear for the first time in digital format!“I was going through various press clippings and vinyl’s and was amazed how much good material I released over the years and thought it would be a great idea to give my loyal fans a retrospect of some of the hits and my personal favourites,” said Alter, who through her music has expressed positive resilience through some adverse times in her personal life including surviving stage 4 leukaemia, being in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship and being the victim of a rogue manager who left Clout virtually destitute upon their demise in the early eighties. “Music found me and it has been my saving grace through some of the hardest times in my life and I am always touched by my fans telling me how the songs have inspired them…” – Cindy Alter, January 2021

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Track Listing

1 Last One Standing – Cindy Alter
2 Good Man – Alter Irving Band
3 Hole in a Ring – Cindy Alter
4 Tightrope – Alter Irving Band
5 Fall from Grace – Cindy Alter
6 Substitute – Clout
7 No Shortcut – Cindy Alter
8 Alive – Cindy Alter
9 Welcome to L.A. – Cindy Alter
10 Love and a Dream – Cindy Alter
11 Thrive – Cindy Alter
12 Silver Moon – Cindy Alter
13 Kiss Me – Cindy Alter
14 Waiting for the Winds (Woza Moya) – Zia
15 Save Me – Clout


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