Gary Numan – Dance


With synth pop music in the mainstream by 1981, Numan made a conscious effort to craft a more sombre, personal, and musically experimental album, in a jazzier vein than its predecessors. The album’s title is somewhat ironic, as Dance was the least danceable album Numan had made at that point. (Numan wrote and recorded a song titled “Dance”, but it was not included on the original album, and was released years later as a CD bonus track.)

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A1. Slowcar To China
A2. Night Talk
A3. A Subway Called ‘You’

B1. Cry The Clock Said
B2. She’s Got Claws
B3. Crash

C1. Boys Like Me
C2. Stories
C3. My Brother’s Time
C4. You Are, You Are
C5. Moral (Extended Version)

D1. Stormtrooper In Drag
D2. Face To Face
D3. Dance
D4. Exhibition
D5. I Sing Rain

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