Gary Numan – The Pleasure Principle


The Pleasure Principle has been described as featuring synth-pop and new wave throughout. Numan completely abandoned electric guitar on the album. This change, coupled with frequent use of synthetic percussion, produced the most purely electronic and robotic sound of his career. In addition to the Minimoog synthesizer employed on his previous album, Numan made liberal use of the Polymoog keyboard, particularly its distinctive “Vox Humana” preset. Other production tricks included copious amounts of flanging, phasing and reverb, plus the unusual move of including solo violaand violin parts in the arrangements. Numan was also influenced by Kraftwerk; the track “Cars” had the same musical “glides” as “Autobahn” and both songs used the same synthesizers.

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A1. Airlane
A2. Metal
A3. Complex
A4. Films
A5. M.E.

B1. Tracks
B2. Observer
B3. Conversation
B4. Cars
B5. Engineers

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