Ibeyi – Ibeyi


The album is a subtle melange of diverse influences: not just Lisa-Kainde’s soul and jazz leanings and Naomi’s up-to-the-minute beat making but the bloodlines of France, Cuba, and Africa, including the use of Yoruban chants they first heard in the Santeria ceremonies. The tense, dramatic Oya, the lead track on their debut EP, addresses the deity (or “Orisha”) of change and destruction while River honours Oshun, the Orisha of love, rivers, and fertility. Yoruban culture traveled from Nigeria and Benin to Cuba and Brazil with the slave ships centuries ago but is little-known in Europe.

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A1. Eleggua (Intro)
A2. Oya
A3. Ghosts
A4. River
A5.Think Of You
A6. Behind The Curtain

B1. Stranger / Lover
B2. Mama Says
B3. Weatherman
B4. Faithful
B5. Yanira
B6. Singles
B7. Ibeyi (Outro)

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