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One of the most interesting elements of the making of this band is their unique approach, where they prioritize the inclusion of their black South African identity in their artistry. Language plays an integral part in their music as they use IsiXhosa and English to convey and express their ideas, messages and experiences. Sonically, the band fuses electronica, hip hop, kwaito and acoustic music to curate a truly unique musical experience that cannot be replicated easily. Embedded in their music is their identities which are informed by their township upbringing, their daily lived experiences as young black men and their surroundings. Their music carries a particular cool, swagger and effortless authenticity, something that is rare to find and experience. Sakumzi, the band’s lead singer, has a distinct voice, an instrument he uses to deliver his lyrics with a bravado more common in rap music.

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A1. Mahambelala
A2. eXOne
A3. Asidlali
A4. Salut

B1. ABCs
B2. Runawey
B3. Sadakwa
B4. Bangphethe
B5. Men Like Us
B6. uLate

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