Kongos – Egomaniac


Arizona’s South African-born siblings Kongos prove their popularity is no fluke with this sophomore recording extraordinaire. Squeezing comfortably inside an unclassifiable alt-rock subgenre, their amiable, canny lyrics coast merrily upon a soothing, yet caffeinated, crest of beats. Like a gang of Millennial pirates, the band’s paradoxical style – simultaneously futuristic and ancient – plunders undiscovered musical territory, then slathers everything with ethereal harmonies.”Egomaniac” exposes the lie that original compositions remain no longer possible.

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A-1. Take It From Me
A-2. The World Would Run Better
A-3. I Want It Free
A-4. Underground

B-1. Autocorrect
B-2. Where I Belong
B-3. Birds Do It

C-1. 2 In The Morning
C-2. Look At Me
C-3. I Don’t Mind

D-1. Hey You, Yeah You
D-2. Repeat After Me
D-3. If You Could

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