Kurt Vile – Bottle It In


“Impeccably recorded and mixed songs that shuffle bits of folk, new wave, or country in the mix but are always squarely down-the-middle rock.” – Mark Richardson, Pitchfork “Vile’s self-awareness is as appealing as his melodies, and he’s stoked a reputation as a bit of a slacker maharishi – at the very least, a look inside Vile’s head might make you think a bit more deeply about what’s going on in your own.” –  The New Yorker

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A1. Loading Zones
A2. Hysteria
A3. Yeah Bones
A4. Bassackwards

B5. One Trick Ponies
B6. Rollin With The Flow
B7. Check Baby

C8. Bottle It In
C9. Mutinies
C10. Come Again

D11. Cold Was The Wind
D12. Skinny Mini
D13. (Bottle Back)

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