Matthew Mole – Run


Matthew Mole is a brilliant storyteller and does so beautifully through song. The singer pours his heart and soul into his music which really helps the listener relate to his journey and his experiences. The passion in which he sings also adds a beautiful dynamic to his music and makes him stand out from the crowd. The singer wrote a song for both his wife and parents on the album. Both tracks are so beautiful and I really respect him for honouring his loved ones on the album. Musically, Matthew has mastered the indie-pop genre. The songs have depth but are constructed with the intention of being pop tracks and it’s this blend that has made Matthew so successful. After his incredible vocal performance on his debut album, the singer does an even better job this time around. Matthew is a fantastic artist and “Run” will be one of the defining moments of his career. This is a spectacular record. El Broide

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A1. Intro
A2. Run
A3. Holding On
A4. Light
A5. Jess’ Song
A6. You Are Mine

B7. Inside Out
B8. Running After You
B9. Use Your Eyes
B10. Dreams And Heartache
B11. For My Folks
B12. You Are Loved
B13. Feel Love

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