Parquet Courts – Human Performance


Their third album, Human Performance, establishes Parquet Courts as simply one of the best rock bands active in the world right now, no qualifiers needed. Not “in Brooklyn,” not “something-something millennial,” not “art-rock this” or “slacker indie that” – but a brilliant, accomplished rock band that have established themselves as deserving a role in the historical legacy of the genre alongside the likes of The Velvet Underground, REM, Sonic Youth, and (okay, fine) Pavement. The LP – their masterpiece – brings together the tunefulness, wit, and guitar wizardry that earned them a crush of critical praise & excitable fans right out of the gate, with a deeply human sense of drive, of yearning, and of wisdom earned. At times nearly overwhelming in its emotional density, at others astonishing with sheer sonic deftness, Human Performance is a rare achievement: breathtaking and brilliant.

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A1. Dust
A2. Human Performance
A3. Outside
A4. I Was Just Here
A5. Paraphrased
A6. Captive Of The Sun
A7. Steady On My Mind

B1. One Man No City
B2. Berlin Got Blurry
B3. Keep It Even
B4. Two Dead Cops
B5. Pathos Prairie
B6. It’s Gonna Happen

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