Radiohead – In Rainbows


In Rainbows was lauded for innovation before a note of music was heard. Luckily, the music matches the hype–it takes the best part of Radiohead’s previous works and advances the formula even further. While the opener “15 Step”–all skittering drum patterns and dub-style bass–may hark back to the electronica of Kid A, the sound soon gives way to a more guitar-based sound. Whilst not as musically heavy as previous albums, the tunes are far more focused and passionate–“Bodysnatchers” is based around a hypnotic, distorted bass riff, while the beautiful string-drenched “Nude” is a true Radiohead classic.

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A1. 15 Step
A2. Bodysnatchers
A3. Nude
A4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
A5. All I Need

B1. Faust Arp
B2. Reckoner
B3. House Of Cards
B4. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
B5. Videotape

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