Sannie Fox – My Soul Got Stranger


Sannie Fox’s new album, ‘My Soul Got Stranger’ is a melting pot of different sounds and influences all sewn together by her seamless guitar work. One of the most striking aspects of this album is that no two songs sound the same. While the arrangements are mostly the same throughout, their roles change in every song leaving us with a textured body of work that varies from the heavy, chugging blues of ‘Shunting Train’ to the upbeat ode to making ends meet that is ‘The Black Winds.’ Add the hypnotic, mournful ‘Willow Song’ to that mix and you’ve got an album that constantly keeps the listener on their toes.

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A1. Criminal For Your Love
A2. Shunting Train
A3. Sorrow
A4. The Black Winds
A5. Vibra Snake
A6. Willow Song

B1. Big Oceans
B2. Darlin PLz
B3. Glorious Wonder
B4. Record Player
B5. Me And The Man
B6. Like Fishes

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