The Awakening – Chasm


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“Music to make angels and vampires alike weep for wanting.”- Fangoria.

The Awakening is a Gothic Rock band fronted by vocalist & multi-instrumentalist Ashton Nyte. Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa and based in the USA since 2008 with 9 full length albums and a career-spanning retrospective in their catalogue, the band have just released their latest album “Chasm”



  1. Other Ghosts
  2. Shore
  3. About You
  4. Raphael Awake
  5. Back To Wonderland
  6. Gave Up The Ghost
  7. Savage Freedom
  8. A Minor Incision
  9. Hear Me
  10. Shadows In The Dark


About The Awaking

Now based in the USA, Ashton Nyte is a South African born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, enigmatic live performer and producer. He has released 9 albums as gothic rock act The Awakening, 6 as Ashton Nyte and 1 as Ashton Nyte & The Accused, since The Awakening’s debut album in 1997. He is a prolific composer and lyricist with over 200 self-penned songs released to date and at least as many unreleased songs in his “vault”. His solo work is stylistically diverse and has garnered critical acclaim and the title of “Johannesburg’s Bowie” (Cosmopolitan). Nyte’s works have been featured on NPR/PRI in the USA, and he has performed live in-studio to 125 million listeners on the international radio show “Border Crossings” (Washington, DC). Nyte has toured extensively and headlined music festivals in the USA, Europe and South Africa to upwards of 30 000 people. Nyte has also written and performed in theatrical productions and organized philanthropic events including his “Rock Against Rape” concert series, and presenting a lecture series at US universities focusing on tolerance and acceptance.

Over the last 3 years Nyte has completed a 17 date tour, spanning 12 European countries with The Mission, a mini tour of the UK / Germany (including the Wave Gotik Treffen Festival), as well as national US tours. He has contributed vocals and lyrics to new albums by MGT (guitarist for Peter Murphy, The Mission, Gary Numan) as well as Michael Ciravolo’s “Beauty In Chaos” project, which includes members of The Cure, The Mission, Cheap Trick, Ministry, Ice-T, Evi Vine and many more. Nyte has just released a new album, “Chasm” as The Awakening with the first singles “Back To Wonderland” and “About You” currently receiving airplay world-wide.

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