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Pod is the bands 1990 debut and is continually ranked as one of the best albums of the 90s. Recorded by Steve Albini in 10 days, it was released to critical acclaim and Kurt Cobain called it one of his favorite albums of all time. In 1993, they released their breakout album Last Splash, which brought the band into the forefront with the runaway hit Cannonball . The song made it to #2 on the charts, and was followed by a tour supporting Nirvana, a spot on the Lollapalooza tour and in 1994, a platinum certification. Nine years later, after an indefinite hiatus, The Breeders returned with Title TK. The Guardian UK called it “a welcome return to punky pop that knows how to flex some melodic muscle. In 2008, The Breeders released their eclectic fourth album in 18 years, Mountain Battles. Spin gave the album 4 stars, and the NME called it “a joyfully lived-in and boundary-free album.

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A1. Glorious
A2. Doe
A3. Happiness Is A Warm Gun
A4. Oh!
A5. Hellbound
A6. When I Was A Painter

B7. Fortunately Gone
B8. Iris
B9. Opened
B10. Only In 3’s
B11. Lime House
B12. Metal Man

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